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S & B Filters

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Brand: S & B

S & B


S & B, Air Filters, Diesel Performance

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Detail Information: S & B Filters

S & B makes just about every shape and size you can dream up for your engine. S&B's custom filters offer a significant improvement in airflow while still stopping the dirt. 

In the early years, S&B specialized in building custom universal filters for race teams and engine builders.  S&B uses an 8-ply filter for these applications to help protect the engine, while still providing the performance racers demand. 

Exceptional Design

With the introduction of the Power Stack (inverted) design years ago, S&B revolutionized the filter industry. First, the Power Stack filter utilizes a unique inverted design to maximize airflow and filtration by substantially increasing the surface area of the filter. Second, the base of the filter incorporates S&B's Advanced Air Flow (AAF) radius design for smoother, uninterrupted airflow. The inverted top and smooth flowing base design provides better airflow & filtration than filters of similar size. The Power Stack is available in chrome, black, blue, and red.

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