Code Alarm CA4054 Remote Start

The Code Alarm CA4054 is our stand alone 1-way mini 1-button remote start system. This system is small, convenient and reliable, with a 1500 ft operating range

Code Alarm CA4054 Remote Start

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Brand: Code Alarm

Code Alarm


Remote Start Systems, Audiovox, Car security

Install Available: Yes

Pricing Information:

Code Alarm CA4054. Install pricing depends on your vehicle. Call 330-549-4100 for more information.

Detail Information: Code Alarm CA4054 Remote Start

CA4054 Remote Start System

**1,500 feet operating range**

Full Specs

• (2) Mini One Button Remote Controls
• Unit Will Accept Up To 4 Remote Controls
• Glass Mount Antenna with Built-in Red LED Light and Valet Switch
• Start Confirmation Parking Light Flash
• Remote Start Door Unlock - Output
• (1) On-Board Accessory / Heater Relay
• (2) On-Board IGN Relays with Programmable Output
• DBI Port – for “plug-in” FlashLogic Interface
• Diesel Compatible
• Quick Stop Mode
• Tachless Mode
• Hybrid Vehicle Compatible for Remote Start
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Web based programming
Car Connection compatible

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