Mobile Audio and Video

car video playerMulti-Format Audio Support makes the dual receivers compatible with today’s most common digital audio files: MP3, WMA and AAC. Bring your music to the car via a CD, a high-speed USB or an SD Card input.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Player Control allows for wireless audio streaming from a mobile phone or a media player to the car's receiver. Control your media player directly from the receiver's front panel while also enjoying quality sound from your car's speakers.  We strive to provide in-dash solutions that not only allow you to use your favorite electronic devices in the car, but that also let you enjoy them safely. From our intuitive interface, to features such as Bluetooth hands-free calling, secure docking and full iPod/iPhone control – it is all about easy to use integration that will allow you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

car ipod playerDirect USB Control for iPod®/iPhone®
This allows full control of the connected devices directly from the receiver’s front panel. Browse your music library, change songs and adjust music volume – all within arm’s reach, while also enjoying quality sound from your car speakers.

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