Avoid The Pitfalls Of A Do-It-Yourself Remote Start Installation

Avoid The Pitfalls Of A Do-It-Yourself Remote Start Installation You can find a sweet deal online for your vehicle's great remote start and alarm system. Finding the correct online video instruction to DIY the system into your car or truck is the only hurdle. Easy peasy, right? Well, let's not be quite so hasty.

1. Even a decent mechanic runs into concerns when installing something into the vehicle that has never been there before. These safety concerns should be foremost in your mind if you are considering a do-it-yourself installation: All of your vehicle's components should be inspected and tested BEFORE beginning the installation. Otherwise, if something isn't working correctly afterward, it may be challenging to know whether the fault lies with the new remote start system.

2. Be very familiar with your vehicle's electrical system if not an expert. Why is that important? Tapping into the wrong circuit with your installation could not only mean your new system fails, but it might also cause damage to the original electrical components. The worst of these would be damaging your vehicle's electronic control module, which can happen. Nobody wants to press a button on the remote only to see the airbags deploy. The accidental damage caused by a mistake in the installation could far outweigh the cost of a professional installation.

3. Be aware of the terms of your manufacturer's warranty and whether you run a risk of voiding it. Also, remember that your DIY installation won't carry a warranty because you are warranting it yourself. If something isn't done correctly, who will you have to resolve the issues?

So, there are significant safety concerns with buying a remote start system online and attempting the installation yourself. The process involves several technical steps, and there are opportunities for compromising your car’s systems. When you come to Valley Truck Outfitters for installation, your safety and your vehicle’s integrity are of primary concern. Remember that you should have the system installed at the same place where you bought it to ensure that the installer is familiar with your system.

Going with a specialty shop like Valley Truck Outfitters will assure you of getting a competent and experienced installer for a safe and reliable installation. You also avoid the pitfalls of a cheap, knock-off brand that will fail you. There are many cheaper knockoff remote start units available on the internet, but none are of the quality or have the warranty of a Code Alarm. Valley Truck Outfitters only sells Code Alarm brand remote starts and has been an exclusive Code Alarm dealer/installer for over 15 years. Do-it-yourself installation is a great way to go with some things, but installing a remote start system may be better left to trained professionals. Our lead installer has over 20 years of experience in automotive installations! Let Valley Truck Outfitters get it going for you.

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