How To Choose The Best Bed slide For Your Pickup Truck

How To Choose The Best Bed slide For Your Pickup Truck

If you have a truck cap or tonneau, you can get even more out of your truck by adding a Bedslide. A bed slide is the easiest way to load and unload your truck. It's the pickup truck bed accessory you didn’t know you wanted. When you install a truck bed slide, you can forget about reaching, stretching, and climbing to access your load. Truck bed slides help prevent injury and bring maximum convenience to your load-hauling endeavors by putting your cargo exactly where you need it.

What Do Bed Slides Do?

The bedslide is essentially a bracket and roller system that turns your truck bed into a massive drawer when you drop the tailgate. This accessory is rugged and built right here in the USA. The perfect combination for anyone with gear or tools to haul. BedSlide truck slides are designed to help you pack and unpack your payload quickly, comfortably and easily. And, each is custom crafted for your specific truck year, make and model.

The Right Bed Slide For You

Knowing your specific hauling needs will help you in deciding which bed slide is best for you. Bedslides are made from laser-cut formed steel for massive strength. Where they differ is in load capacity. The BedSlide 1000 features a robust 1000-lb capacity, whereas the BedSlide 1500 can handle up to 1500 lbs and the BedSlide 2000 can handle a huge 2000-lb load.


Once you have your gear readily accessible, be sure that your tools or gear is not available to suspicious passersby. Get the maximum protection for your truck when you install a heavy-duty truck cap or cover. You’ll find caps and covers and much more, like pickup truck bed rails, cargo organization, and remote starts.

A simple and better way to access your bed. Period. No more crawling around to get tools or gear. Just grab the handle and pull, turning your truck bed into an easy access drawer. The Bedslide is going to save you plenty of time and money, not to mention back pain. So get more done with Bedslide and get some more work out of your truck.

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